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What to Expect Aboard Hamptons Sunset Boat Cruises

Swimming and sunbathing excursions are popular Hamptons events we offer with our yacht rentals, but they aren't the only type of event we offer. Another of our popular yachting Hamptons events is our sunset boat cruise. Sunset boat cruises are often between two and four hours long and offer guests a chance to enjoy the beauty of a New York sunset aboard a luxury vessel.

Naturally, sunset boat cruises don't just include those few moments when the sun actually dips down below the horizon. Remember, these are still multi-hour boating Hamptons events. What you do before that golden hour is up to you and your crew, but depending upon your frame of mind, our captain might recommend a high-speed adventure across the bay to check out some of the more remote locations in this area. Or you can choose a more relaxing, slower style of ride that allows onboard guests to sip their cocktails in style whilst checking out the sights.

Our sunset boat cruises will extend past that moment when the sun disappears and, as such, things can sometimes get a bit chilly. We recommend all guests onboard to bring layers for this adventure, think a light sweater or windbreaker, even during the summer. Likewise, topsider shoes are the best footwear as they offer a nice grip and are easy to slip on and off should the mood to dip your toes in the water strike you.

Finally, remember that our Hamptons events yachting company has a great variety of boats to choose from. Each of these spectacular boats offers its own unique sunset experience due to size, power, and deck layout. Contact us today to learn more about these options and for help in booking that perfect boat for your boat cruises.

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